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Microsoft .NET training program by MindsMapped

  • MindsMapped offers instructor-led online Microsoft .Net training course that help participants to get a thorough understanding of the core concepts of .Net including – C#, ADO.Net, .Net Framework, Visual Studio .Net that helps them as a .Net Developer.
  • On completion of this online Microsoft .Net training program, candidates are prepared to succeed in Microsoft .Net interview or easily pass professionals certifications such as MCTS and MCSD.

Key Features:

50 Hours of Instructor Led training

Industry based Project work

Life time access to Knowledge Base

Hands on Project Execution

Resume Preparation and Mock Interviews

Get Microsoft .NET certification

Who is this online Microsoft .NET training designed for?

  • Are you fresh out of school and need to know how Microsoft .Net works in the real world project?
  • Are you moving from a different platform to Microsoft .Net?
  • Are you looking for a course that keeps it simple and explains complex Microsoft .Net in an easy to understand manner?
  • Are you looking for some assistance in passing .NET professional certification such as MCTS and MCSD.
  • Do you want to master one of the fastest evolving software platform in the world?
  • Are you finding it difficult to perform general tasks as a Microsoft .Net developer?
  • Have you been a Microsoft .Net developer for a while but feel like you need to be more proficient in some areas?
  • Do you need to have a clear understanding of the job functions and skills you need to have?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the next step to take?

What would I learn at the end of the Course?

  • Students would learn core concepts of .NET like – Common language-runtime (CLR), Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL), Optimized just-in-time (JIT), Common type systems (CTS), and Common language specification (CLS)
  • Would be able to understand and implement OOP’s, Exception Handling and Debugging concepts on project
  • At the end of this course, you would be able to develop event-driven applications with advanced controls
  • Candidates would get detailed knowledge about the various concepts of Microsoft .Net including – memory management, operator overloading, and pointers
  • Learners would also be able to get a firm grasp of topics - C#, OOP features, File Stream, Multi-Threading, Session Management and Assemblies
  • Within the .NET training program you would also learn about how to create and use Web Services in Windows Application
  • Trainees would be able to know and use Architecture of .NET, Visual Studio, Delegates and Event Handling, and Namespaces
  • LINQ, Interfaces, and Generics would also be discussed within the .NET tutorial course

MindsMapped Online IT Training Features

  • Training courses are designed to ensure that attendees are knowledgeable on the subject to attend Microsoft .Net job interviews and/or complete Microsoft .Net certification
  • Online training courses are based on real time examples and case studies to enhance the learning experience
  • Participants would be given with high-quality assignments to gain hands on .Net experience and prepare them to attend interviews confidently
  • Candidates would be provided access to high-quality study material that would be handy on their jobs as well
  • Attend 50 hours of interactive online classes. Assistance with resume preparation is included within this instructor-led online course
  • Weekly mock interviews and brush up sessions would be conducted until the candidates land in a job of their choice
  • There will be a quiz for each module that will ensure you understand the concepts better
  • You will have lifetime access to all documentation that comes with the course – study materials, assignments, case studies, etc. in the knowledge base section of the website
  • Classes are conducted weekday evenings for your convenience and you can attend the online training from your location
  • Attend an absolutely free of cost online demo class before deciding on the course. Click here to watch our instructor-led Microsoft .Net training demo class

Who are the Microsoft .Net Class Trainers at MindsMapped?

  • Our Dot Net Instructors are full-time employees working as .Net Developer for different Fortune 500 companies
  • Our Trainers are passionate about teaching and conduct these sessions for MindsMapped
  • Their experience and knowledge help them bring real world projects and scenarios to the Microsoft .Net classes
  • Instructors ensure that online classes are lively and participative making learning a pleasure

Microsoft .NET Course Curriculum

Click here to download Microsoft .NET Training Course Contents
  • Session 1:

    • Why .NET?
    • The .NET initiative
    • Introduction to .NET framework
    • Advantages of .NET framework
    • System requirements
    • Base class libraries
    • CLR
    • MSIL
    • JIT

    Session 2:

    • VB .NET-The Start Page
    • Solution Explorer
    • The Object Browser and Class View Window
    • The Code Editor
    • The Form Designer and the Toolbox
    • The Server Explorer window
    • Compilation and execution of .NET application
    • Assemblies

    Session 3:

    • Principles of oops
    • Relationship between classes and objects
    • Access Specifiers
    • How to create namespaces in S class libraries
    • Macro Explorer
    • Running a Visual Basic Console Application
    • Namespace
    • CTS
    • CLS

    Session 4:

    • Exceptions
    • .NET exceptions
    • User defined exceptions
    • Try-catch-finally
    • Throw exception
    • Debugging application
    • Searching for bugs
    • How to use namespaces
    • Constructors
    • Finalize, Dispose & Garbage collectors
  • Session 5:

    • Introduction to system windows, forms
    • Basic controls and event driven programming
    • Advanced controls
    • Rich text box, toolbars

    Session 6:

    • File stream
    • Stream reader
    • Stream writer
    • Working with context menus
    • Built in dialog boxes

    Session 7:

    • Data types
    • Type conversion
    • Boxing & un boxing
    • Conditional statements
    • Looping
    • Methods in C#

    Session 8:

    • Properties
    • Arrays
    • Indexes
    • Structures, enumerations
    • Strings
    • Collections
  • Session 9:

    • Introduction of ADO .NET
    • Features of ADO .NET
    • ADO vs ADO .NET
    • ADO .NET namespace
    • Connected architecture through ADO .NET
    • Disconnected architecture through ADO .NET

    Session 10:

    • Garbage collector
    • Stack and heap
    • Architecture of GC
    • Generations
    • M.M. support classes
    • Working with transaction in ASP .NET etc

    Session 11:

    • Unary operators
    • Binary operators
    • Pointers-Value types, reference types
    • Pointer-Unsafe
    • Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

    Session 12:

    • Introduction to Assemblies
    • Benefits
    • Contents
    • Application-Private Assemblies
    • Private vs Shared Assemblies
  • Session 13:

    • Introduction to Delegate Concept
    • Event handling Arch with Delegate
    • Handles, Add Handler and Remove Handler
    • Multi Cast Delegates
    • Generic Routines

    Session 14:

    • Thread Class
    • Thread Synchronization
    • Creating and controlling Threads
    • Sleep, Suspend and Resume Threading
    • Introduction to Web Services

    Session 15:

    • Using Web service in a Windows Application
    • Working with Window Services
    • Interfaces and Generics
    • LINQ
    • Creating Web Service

Frequently Asked Microsoft .NET Questions

  • What is the .NET Framework?
  • The Microsoft .NET Framework is a platform for constructing, deploying, and running Web Services and applications. It provides a highly producing, standards-based, multi-language environment for integrating old investments with next-generation applications and service as well as the mental and physical skills to solve the challenges of deployment and operation of Internet-scale applications.

  • What is the average salary of a Microsoft .Net Professional?
  • According to Dice, Microsoft .Net professional made an average salary of $105,000 in 2015, which is slightly above the average of Big Data jobs.

  • What are the best certifications for Microsoft .Net?
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) are the best certifications for Microsoft .NET

  • Do I have to be certified in Microsoft .Net?
  • Whether you are job hunting, waiting for a promotion, third-party proof of your skills is a great option. Certifications calculate your skills and knowledge against industry to unlock great career opportunities as a Microsoft .Net developer and to become an expert in Microsoft .Net

  • What is the common type system (CTS)?
  • The common type system is the most common type system, built into the common language runtime that supports the types and operations found in programming languages.

  • What is the Common Language Specification (CLS)?
  • The Common Language Specification is a set of build and interrupts that serves as a guide for library writers and compiler writers. It let libraries to be fully fit from any language supporting the CLS, and for those languages to combine with each other.

  • What is the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)?
  • MSIL is the CPU-independent order set into which .NET Framework programs are compiled. It contains instructions for increasing, storing, initializing, and calling methods on objects.

  • What is an assembly?
  • An action of gathering is the primary building block of a .NET Framework application. It is a collection of quality that is built, create new one, and deployed as a single implementation unit (as one or more files).

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Self Paced Learning

Learn Microsoft .NET at your own pace by getting access to all the Video Seminars by different Instructors.

Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led online training conducted by working professionals who bring real world knowledge, and examples to the class

Self Paced Learning

Learn Microsoft .NET at your own pace by getting access to all the Video Seminars by different Instructors.

Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led online training conducted by working professionals who bring real world knowledge, and examples to the class