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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base section provides candidates access to study materials, presentations, and assignments. MindsMapped provides lifetime access to knowledge base without any restrictions on the number of times you login to the site.

Candidates can refer the notes from anywhere and anytime. Knowledge Base helps candidates not only prepare for their interviews but also as a reference point to perform well in their jobs.

All the class recordings are stored in the knowledge Base. If you miss a class, or have questions on a particular topic, you can always go back and refer the videos. And the access is available lifetime for candidates.

If you do not want to attend classes because of whatsoever reason but would like to get lifetime access to Knowledge Base, that’s possible. You can study or prepare yourself at your own pace without attending the classes. The study materials, assignments, recorded videos and project work are available in the Knowledge Base and help you prepare on your own. Call us now on (+1) 385 237 9777 or email us at for more details.

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