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Career Counseling

Career counseling, also often referred to as career guidance / career coaching / career advice is a type of professional counseling given by expert career counselors to people who are seeking career help.

A career counselor helps an individual build their career path by relating their strengths to the market reality. A career counselor also checks and advises on how many hours of effort one needs to put in education, what job opportunities are available considering the course choice, the locality, economic situation etc. while counseling.

Working one-on-one with our highly trained and experienced professional can assist you to identify your professional and personal goals and get your life moving in a direction that's meaningful to you. The counselor, making good use of his experience, will help you in reaching a capable solution and the best career path you can follow to reach your goal quickly. Ultimately, you make an informed choice crafting a most amicable career goal and reach there with full confidence.

MindsMapped has unique assessment program understanding the need of candidates at every stage of their career. We help candidates understand, evaluate and realize which career is best suited for them based on their aptitude, multiple intelligence, interests, priorities, networking habits, learning style, adjustment levels, ambition & thought process.

While choosing the right career for individuals, we also consider external influencers like opportunities, eligibility, personal situations, and demographics. Coupled with these valuable insights our experts are ready to guide you for a future which is the best fit.

In a nutshell, career counseling includes:

  • Understanding the individual’s personality and interests
  • Exploring career options, finding direction
  • Research & evaluation of career alternatives, setting career goals
  • Labor market information, outlooks & future trends
  • Planning further education needs

A number of fresh graduates and experienced professionals have gained from our career counseling sessions, especially when they are looking to start or shift careers or looking for growth within their industry.

If you have the slightest doubt in making decisions, do not gamble with your career. Call us now on (+1) 385 237 9777 for a free career counseling session.