Data Science with Python Training

  • 40 hours of Instructor Led Training
  • 180 Days of access to LMS
  • Experienced and Certified Trainers
  • Simulation Exams
  • Hands-On Project Execution
  • 24*7 Support

Data Science is the process of extracting knowledge or insights from data, either structured or unstructured, in most cases unstructured data. The time when various Machine Learning algorithms and automated data gathering systems are being developed and used, the need for interpreting and analyzing the data has increased.

Data Scientist is the person who performs statistical analysis on the data gathered from various sources, interpret them using various tools and machine learning techniques to understand the data and take business decisions and automate business processes. Our Instructors are Data Scientists or Subject Matter Experts with direct experience on complex projects.

If you are a Graduate Data Scientist looking to learn Python programming to get into the IT and perform his responsibilities better or a Business Intelligence Professional or an Analyst trying to learn how to interpret the data or a Software Developer (Python), Hadoop Developer, Architect or Testing professional wants to become a Data Scientist, this is the right course for you. If you are team manager trying to get your team trained, you are at the right place.