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  • MindsMapped is committed to providing advanced job oriented practical training in the field of Microsoft .NET.
  • MindsMapped offers Online Microsoft .NET Training that help participants understand the core concepts of Visual Studio, C# and VB.Net
  • On successful completion of the job oriented practical training, candidates are ready to attend and succeed in interviews for .NET Developer positions
  • Online Microsoft Dot Net Training is conducted by qualified professionals who have wide range of experience and/or subject matter experts

Who is the online Microsoft .NET training designed for?

  • Do you want to embrace one of the fastest growing technologies in the world?
  • Are you fresh out of school and need to know how Microsoft .NET works in the real world?
  • Do you want to build a career in evergreen .NET stream?
  • Do you think your career in Microsoft .NET is too monotonous and want to add some color to it?
  • Did you accept Microsoft .NET Developer position and now you need to know how to perform the job?
  • Have you been Microsoft .NET for a while but feel like you need to be more proficient in some areas?
  • Are you moving from a different platform to Microsoft .NET platform?
  • Do you need to have a clear understanding of the job functions and skills you need to have to shine as .NET Developer?
  • Are you looking for a course that keeps it simple and explains complex programs in an easy to understand manner?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the next step to take?

Who is the online Microsoft .NET training designed for?

  • Candidates would master the concepts of Visual Studio, C# and VB.Net.
  • Candidates would understand the concepts of Basic Components of Microsoft .NET concepts like – WPF, WCF, ASP .NET MVC.
  • Candidates would understand the concepts Anonymous Types, Lazy Loading, dynamic, TPL, Reflections, Assemblies, Global Assembly, Cache, Linq, ASP .NET, Html Basics, Server Controls.
  • Candidates would also be able to understand - C# Overview, Fundamentals, Exception Handling, OOP features, Generics, Memory management, File Stream, Session Management.
  • Candidates would be able to appreciate the ease of doing Architecture of .NET, Common Language Runtime, Visual Studio, Optimized Just in Time (JIT), Assemblies, and Namespaces.
  • Mock Interviews would be conducted so candidates understand the questions that can be expected in Microsoft .NET Developer interview.
  • Candidates will get a chance to work on various real-time projects.

MindsMapped Online IT Training Features

  • Training courses are designed to ensure that attendees are knowledgeable on the subject to attend and/or complete Microsoft .NET certification.
  • This will proof helping hand for individuals who are switching from their existing career to .NET.
  • Under this .NET training course you will be provided real-time examples for better understanding of the respective topic.
  • Our .NET trainers are very experienced IT professional with in-depth knowledge of different domains.
  • Instructor of .NET make sure that online classes are lively and engaging, making easy for trainees to learn new concepts
  • Trainees are provided with high quality tasks to get hands on experience with Microsoft .NET. This assignment prepares you to attend and clear job interviews with ease.
  • Every candidate is provided access to the study material under the knowledge base section of the site. This study material will help you while handling complex jobs.
  • This .NET training program is covered within 50 hours. Besides online training you also get assistance in improving quality or eyesight chances of your .
  • Every week pseudo interviews and brush up sessions are taken to ensure that you find a job of your choice.
  • After completion of each module a quiz is conducted to make sure that all concepts of .NET are understood in better way.
  • Trainees of this course will be provided to all the study materials. The study material can be availed by enrolled students under the knowledge section of the MindsMapped website.
  • Online classes can be undertaken on weekdays and weekends, depending on your choice. Since this is an online course, you can undertake classes from location of your choice.
  • of .NET can be attended for free. Once you are satisfied with the demo class, you can get enrolled to attend further classes.

    Places where this course is available:

    Connecticut, California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Indiana, Maryland, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Kansas, Michigan, Delaware, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Vermont, Texas, West Virginia, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Santiago, Chicago, Huston, Boston, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, US Bay Area, Seattle, Denver, Columbus, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Orlando, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, San Jose, Richmond, Baltimore, and other states and cities around the world.

    Online Microsoft .NET Training

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