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Java / J2EE Training

MindsMapped Online IT Training Reviews

MindsMapped Online Java / J2EE Training

  • MindsMapped helps trainees to understand the core concepts of Java, Data Structures and Algorithm, advanced concepts of Java and frameworks of Java that assist them to excel as a software developer in Java.
  • As this course gets completed, trainees are prepared to appear and be successful in Java / J2EE interviews and/or pass OCJP/OCWD certification exam.
  • This online Java / J2EE training program is directed by specialized professionals who have been working in the field of Java and J2EE.
  • Increase your Java knowledge to give yourself an edge in the job market.

For Whom, this online Java / J2EE training is designed for?

  • Are you finding it difficult to perform regular tasks as a Java Software Developer?
  • Have you been working as Java Developer for a while, but wish to be more proficient in some areas?
  • Have you just passed school and want to understand how to implement Java and Advanced Java in the real world?
  • Are you switching working domain from different technology to Java / J2ee domain?
  • Do you need to have in-depth knowledge about the job functions and responsibilities and skills you need to possess?
  • Are you planning to opt for a technology which can provide assistance in building a bright future?
  • Have you been searching for an online course that can teach you about Java concepts in a simple and detailed way?
  • Do you need assistance in clearing Oracle Java / J2EE certification exam?

MindsMapped Online IT Training Features

  • This online training program is designed in such a way that trainees would have sound knowledge on the subject to appear job interviews and / or finish Java / J2EE certification.
  • We will help you in changing your job profile from NON-IT field to IT.
  • This Java/J2EE tutorial is a practical guide for coders who want to create an application using Java programming language.
  • Our Java training curriculum is designed to provide you skills that directly match with real-life Java jobs.
  • If you are not satisfied with your online training or certification experience, you can retake the same Java class for free.
  • Trainers teach students in a “virtual classroom”; you join this Java course online, in real-time.
  • In this online course, you will have access to all the lectures, with added benefits of searching, pausing or rewinding videos.
  • This Java online training helps students with little or no programming knowledge to learn object based programming by using the Java language.
  • This online training course teaches you to develop a solution for a multi-tier application.
  • You also get to know about other key aspects of Java programming such as requirement gathering, design, analysis, and the creation of the key parts of the application.
  • We give trainees with high-quality assignments to provide hands-on experience with Java / J2EE. These assignments will help you to gain self-confidence and clear job interviews or Java certification exams with ease.
  • Java online training program is covered within 50 hours. Within this training program, we will also guide you how to make an eye catching resume.
  • In order to keep you updated with all the things that you have learned till date, Java mock interview sessions are conducted.
  • At the end of each module, a quiz is conducted to ensure that you understand every concept in a better way.
  • All the enrolled students are provided lifetime access to all documents that come along with the course -- study materials, case studies, assignments, etc. All these study materials can be availed from the knowledge base section of the website.
  • Any of you can choose training program as per your requirement, i.e. you can opt weekday and weekend class. In case, if you miss any class then you can retake that class from knowledge base section of the website.
  • Demo class for Java is available for free, so any of you can opt for it before getting enrolled with us.

What would I learn at the end of the Course?

  • Trainees will come to know about the core concepts of client side and server side applications, how to develop and execute client and server programs using java and its associated frameworks.
  • Students will have an understanding of how to create and implement algorithms and data structure using Java.
  • You will have a clear understanding of all the topics of Java including Multi-Threading, Enterprise Software Development using JEE, TCP/IP programming, Software Development using Spring framework, implement SOA using SOAP, Database modeling using Hibernate, and RESTFul Web services.
  • Mock interviews are carried out so that candidates have an understanding of the questions which might be asked in job interview.
  • As an assignment you will have to submit nearly 8 projects on Java/J2EE to hone your coding and algorithm skills. You will be assigned projects on different topics including Multi-Threading, Hibernate, JEE, TCP/IP, SOAP, RESTFul, and Spring.
  • Students who are undertaking this course can also appear in job interviews for roles such as Algorithm Developer, Server Developer, Automation Engineer, Core Engineering Jobs, and other related Java developer roles.

Online Java J2EE Training

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Places where this course is available:

Connecticut, California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Indiana, Maryland, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Kansas, Michigan, Delaware, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Vermont, Texas, West Virginia, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Santiago, Chicago, Huston, Boston, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, US Bay Area, Seattle, Denver, Columbus, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Orlando, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, San Jose, Richmond, Baltimore, and other states and cities around the world.


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